What We Do

While the emergence of the Web has spawned all manner of choices in how to market your company, the real challenge is figuring out how to harness the appropriate tools and practices into producing measurable benefits for your business. Let's be honest here - it's tough enough for professional marketing companies to stay on top of the constant change and consistently produce results. We really feel for companies that want to effectively market their businesses but can't get past the tipping point in generating success.

If you're one of those companies, you need a marketing consulting and Inbound Marketing firm that can stay ahead of the changes and work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan for today — and for tomorrow.

brassCycle leverages the latest technology to help our clients achieve their growth objectives and increase revenue incrementally. We understand how inbound and outbound (traditional) marketing, social media, team building, sales initiatives, branding, CRM processes and strategic thinking work together. We can integrate all the elements of your sales and marketing campaigns for greater cohesion and better results.

Whether you’re a start-up looking to get things moving in the right direction or an established business re-branding yourself for today’s market, the brassCycle team has the tools, the knowledge and the technology to help you refine your company’s vision and take your revenue to the next level.

We provide complete support for our clients in the following areas:

  • Strategic Plan Development - with today's pace of change and an infinite amount of choices available with respect to marketing, the first step in the process is to develop a strategic marketing plan that fits your company's objectives like a glove. We'll guide you through that process and deliver a plan to keep all future activity on track.

  • Content Development - Using the car analogy where your website represents the gas tank - content is the fuel that powers the car. There are many forms of content to deploy:

-          Blog posts

-          Articles

-          White papers

-          Case studies

-          Client testimonials

-          Video

-          Web page content

-          Webinars

-          Infographics

-          Survey results

We’ll help you develop a content plan that’s in complete alignment with your strategic marketing plan. We will also work with your internal resources to develop content or create content for you.

  • Search Engine Optimization – at a high level, there are two main aspects to search engine optimization: on-page and off-page efforts. The on-page efforts involve aspects such as page titles, meta descriptions, alt tag text for photos and internal linking. Off-page efforts involve backlinking, content submission and bookmarking, RSS feeds and social media integration.

  • Social Media Support – from creating your company’s presence on key social media sites to helping grow that presence through active engagement with clients, prospects and partners, we’ll develop an approach that supports the strategic plan.

  • Website Optimization – increasing traffic to your site doesn’t automatically translate to an increase in leads or sales. Often, sites can do a good job of attracting traffic yet fail to provide visitors with a visible path to carry the conversation towards the point of conversion. Conversion comes in many forms – from filling out a simple form for a case study to requesting an appointment with a sales representative. We’ll help transform your site to align with and fully support your sales process.

  • CRM Integration – many companies use Customer Relationship Management software (Salesforce, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics) to manage all the data related to their pursuit of sales. It’s very common to find a gap between the CRM system and marketing processes that creates blind spots in the advancement of the sales process. We can help identify the gap areas and implement strategies to close them.

  • Campaign Development and Management – in order to produce worthwhile results in any sales generating campaign, there are numerous steps in the process that need to be defined, executed and measured properly. It’s not hard to leave potential business on the table due to campaigns that stop once cycle short of generating meaningful action from prospects. We’ll work closely with you to architect campaigns that fully support the sales process and in many cases, expedite the sales cycle. Some of the elements in campaign development are:

-          Landing page design and development

-          Creating strong calls to action

-          Email copywriting and design

-          Data segmentation

-          Lead nurturing

  • Analytics and Reporting – how are we doing? Whether it’s page views, site visitors, content downloads, leads generated or sales closed – it’s human nature to want to know the score. As part of the development of your strategic plan, we’ll uncover the metrics most important to your business and build reporting to provide a clear view of their movement.