Seven Benefits of Social Media B2B Engagement

Posted by Rich McElaney

If you're like many business owners or marketing professionals involved in B2B social media for your firm, you may feel as if you're tweeting, posting and sharing without a clear direction. Maybe you're doing social media B2B because “everybody is doing it,” but you're unsure how to track the results -- or even what results you should be tracking.

We've covered analytics and measuring the results of an inbound marketing plan in previous posts -- and we'll delve deeper in the future -- but for now, let's look at the basics and explore the benefits of social media.

social media B2B engagement

Benefits of Social Media B2B

  1. Assists in SEO efforts - Every tweet you send out and every Facebook or LinkedIn post with a linkback contributes to your website's search engine ranking. The benefits are reciprocal, as you can use widgets to encourage people to share your content via social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google +.
  2. Along with organic search, social media is another way to drive traffic to your website - Google rankings are important, but search is not the only way people find you. Sharing relevant content from your website on the social networks drives interested prospects to your website.
  3. Establishes you as an expert who cares about your customers and your industry - Social media, done right, with a solid mix of content curation and engagement, shows your prospects that you have a vested interest in the industry -- and in them as people, as well. Social media is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to reach an interested market segment and show them what you're all about, without those canned pitches that turn people off.
  4. Builds your brand - If you've taken time to build a highly visible social media presence, your company is the first one connected people will think of when they need what you provide. Social media helps with brand recognition but it takes it one step further. If you've taken time to really engage with those in your social network, they won't just think of you as a brand, they'll think of you as a person. And, even in today's high tech society, that old expression remains true: People do business with other people. Where other than social media can a small or large brand have an opportunity to humanize itself to its audience?
  5. Is a direct line to fast, effective customer service. - Nine out of 10 people on Earth are on Facebook. Twitter adds 500,000 users a day. Google + has at least 25 million users. Whatever industry you're in, some of your customers are on social media. And, whether they like a brand or not, whether they're happy with the service or not, social media users tend to be vocal about their experiences. With not much effort -- just by being present, listening and responding, social media gives you an opportunity to shine in the customer service realm.
  6. Helps you get to know your audience even better, so you can create more relevant content for your blog, drive traffic, and continue the cycle of incremental revenue growth through social media and inbound marketing.
  7. Builds relationships - Take a look at these statistics from a really cool infographic from Jeff Bullas' site of just how many people are plugged into some form of social media. This speaks volumes about the power of online relationships.

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