Inbound Marketing Gets a Facelift

Posted by Rich McElaney

I've been using HubSpot for a little over two years for both clients and the brassCycle site and have really enjoyed using the software to positively impact business results. In the last few days, HubSpot has introduced a new navigational structure to their software and as someone posted in the user forums, I feel like someone moved my cheese!

HubSpot navigation cheat sheet resized 600

I haven't spent a lot of time with the new navigation yet but in reading the comments on the forums I am definitely not alone in trying to figure out where my favorite tools, reports and applications are in the new drop-down menu system. To their credit, HubSpot has created a cheat sheet of the new HubSpot navigation and you can find that here. I did spend a fair amount of time with it and it left me with a few dead ends to figure out on my own. In addition, this change is still considered to be in beta mode and chances are good that feedback from Value Added Resellers and end users will drive minor modifications to the navigation structure - especially over the new few weeks as it's rolled out.

As someone who is a very visual learner, I thought it might be helpful to provide another version of the cheat sheet using mind mapping software. My intent is to provide a side by side comparison as well as a road map for users looking to quickly locate their favorite features and tools.

Having been immersed in inbound marketing best practices as delineated by HubSpot (and as a certified partner to boot!), I would be totally remiss if I didn't direct interested parties to a landing page so they can get this cheat sheet. I also felt the need to incorporate a shiny call to action button to make it dead simple to get there!

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Keep in mind that this mind map reflects the Basic version of HubSpot's software and is subject to change based on user feedback. Depending on the feedback I get from readers of this post, I may add versions for Professional and Enterprise and I will also incorporate suggestions that help improve the adoption speed of the new navigation - so please provide feedback!

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