Blogging and Site Traffic - The Numbers Don't Lie

Posted by Rich McElaney

Up until late June, I was publishing two blog posts per week here at brassCycle. For both personal and business reasons, I planned to take a short break from writing my blog, with the full intention of jumping right back into it. Well, that short break morphed into a long hiatus and I'm really paying the price right now! Instead of silently taking my lumps and quietly sliding back into my regular writing routine, I thought I would use this situation to emphasize the importance of blogging and illustrate its direct impact on site traffic. Might as well extract something beneficial from the carnage!

The oft-quoted statistic from HubSpot (and many other companies in the business of developing content) is that businesses that blog generate 55% more site traffic and 70% more leads than their non-blogging competitors. This is a statistic I cite frequently in my discussions with clients and prospective clients when the subject of blogging surfaces in conversation. Well, these statistics have a new level of meaning for me now that I have the before and after (or with or without regular blogging) numbers from my site.

When I went into my analytic reports on HubSpot, here's what I found:

Site Visits: Down 51.1% blog visits 

Leads: Down 75%  leads

(HubSpot reporting has these nifty little arrows to help draw attention to the important statistics. Red arrows pointing down are not good!)

The numbers were based on August to date activity compared with the previous 90 day period. I think it's reasonable to assume that if I maintained the same level of activity (specifically, no blogging) then the full month of August would yield the same decreases.

So, I am tracking pretty darn close to the oft-quoted stats but heading in the wrong direction. To me, it underscores the impact that blogging has on driving both site traffic and leads and I'll resume my regular blog pace to get things heading in the right direction.  (I'm on a mission for green arrows pointing up!)

If you want to see more data backing up the power of content marketing and its impact on traffic and leads, I highly recomment a great report from Kuno Creative - The Content Marketing Manifesto. It takes the analysis of the impact of content marketing (blogging and everything else) much deeper. The experiment was to increase the amount of content they produced over a 37 month period to measure the before and after impact and it's a very interesting read. You can find that report here.

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