Where Are The Leads From My Site Traffic?

Posted by Rich McElaney

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I book-ended this week with an existing client meeting on Monday and a prospective client meeting on Friday and the essence of both conversations distilled down to a common focal point: generating leads from their sites.

It really is all about the leads, isn’t it?

Even though the subject matter was the same in both meetings, the perspectives were quite different. The existing client discussion was about increasing the existing flow of leads and varying content to advance lead flow deeper into their sales process. (Essentially, a shift from TOFU to MOFU – top of the sales funnel to middle of the sales funnel. If you want to go deeper on the sales funnel discussion – here’s an excellent resource to start with, courtesy of the folks at HubSpot).

The prospective client discussion was all about getting leads from the investment made in the site (and beyond). There was palpable frustration from this company owner because he thought he had done everything necessary to generate a good flow of leads. His recent activity list might sound familiar:

  •   Redesigned the site
  •   Updated the brand identity
  •   Hired a professional writer to create relevant site content
  •   Started a blog and updated it regularly
  •   Created and regularly updated a Facebook account
  •   Created and regularly engaged with a Twitter account

And then……nothing.

The missing link.

A quick scan of the prospective customer’s website identified the gap in his lead generation plan – the lack of a process to convert site visitors to leads (TOFU). And – the process to convert leads into better qualified prospects (MOFU). And – the process of converting qualified prospects into new customers (BOFU – I know you can guess what that is!) For the prospective customer, we’ll need to get things rolling with the creation of additional content that addresses the issues early stage buyers of his products and services are concerned with.

For the existing client, we’ll focus on creating content for his mid- and late-stage prospects based on the issues they have. Now, here’s where things got interesting – both parties had difficulty getting their heads around the type of content they should be offering for their respective situations. I witnessed two very capable people, both with deep sales experience in their respective fields, lock up when it came time to think about relevant stage-related content.

Don’t think about keywords, think about conversations.


At first blush this sounds a little too new-agey and marketing maven-ish. But as I really thought about this, these individuals unconsciously inject very relevant keywords and concepts into their daily conversations with prospects that are completely stage-relevant, yet neither one of them could make the mental jump to replicate these conversations on their sites. (A formal shout-out is due here: my lightbulb was switched on to this concept in a recent conversation with Marcus Sheridan and I highly recommend his blog – The Sales Lion – www.thesaleslion.com). By re-framing the context of keyword discovery, it was like a dam opened up and the ideas came rolling out.

Just as these two give their prospects a sequence of actions to take as their sales processes progress in the real world, they need to be mindful of creating identical action steps online.

Take your next action step and let me know what you think!

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