Pumping Up Your Email Signature

Posted by Rich McElaney

If you are doing a good job of cultivating your social presence, it’s a good idea to let people know where you exist online. One of the preferred ways to do this is to add links to your social profile in your email signature. You can easily do this with most email programs out there – I use Outlook so the instructional steps will focus on how to quickly add this information to your Outlook signature.

Your first step is to select Tools from the menu bar, then go to Options. Once in Options, select Mail Format as shown here:

Then select Signatures. Once in Signatures, you have the choice of editing an existing signature to add your social icons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, your website) or you can create a new signature, as shown here:

You will be prompted for a new name for your signature, which you will enter in the box here:brassCycle's blog

Once you’ve selected a name for your new signature, you can choose where it will show up – in new messages and/or in replies. You will also edit your signature to add the other details you want in the signature: name, title, office phone, cell phone, address, email address and specific icons for your social platforms. I’ve added detail to the Signature and Stationery box to show you the icon to click to insert your image of choice:


I had to rely on the trusty skills of my virtual assistant to find icons that were the right size (16 x 16 pixels) for my email signature and I’ve taken the liberty to provide direct links to those so you don’t have to fumble around for them.

brassCycles LinkedIn email logo brassCycles Facebook email logo brassCycles Twitter email logo

You may want to do the same for your website link, that is – add a 16 x 16 pixel version of your  logo. I added text next to each logo to make it very clear that they are live links and I plan on experimenting with just the icons for a cleaner look.

I’ve already had several people connect with me on LinkedIn or they “liked” my company page on Facebook or they started following me on Twitter – just by having this information in my signature – which is one of the main reasons I added it.

So, don’t delay – five minutes invested in adding your social icons to your email signature will pay off quickly.

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