Hey – It’s About Time! The Top 5 Reasons For Blogging. (Mine)

Posted by Rich McElaney

Break out the champagne and bring on the band – after threatening to blog for the last six years and discounting the few feeble attempts that weren’t sustained, I have finally committed to an all out push into blogging! Why now? Great question and the answer lies in and around the following five reasons.

1. Walk The Talk.   I am eyeball deep in several social media projects where inevitably, the subject of blogging comes up. After my usual discourse on all the amazing benefits that blogging can bestow on a business (if done consistently and with a strategic direction), I get the 90 mile an hour four-seam fastball – how has your blog affected your business?Ahem, cough er, well – “I’m too busy doing all this great work for you to write one” has been my staple rejoinder. Time to get in the kitchen and cook.

2. Brain Release. Like many others toiling in the social media space, I am voraciously consuming the books, sponging up the webinars, sucking in the live download at shows and have overloaded iGoogle with so many blogs I can’t see straight. I think I’ve reached the mystical mental boiling point where I have to seriously offload some data or my head might explode. That, and like the pause before the third round gorge at Thanksgiving, I’ m making room for more!

3. Experiential Wisdom. It’s one thing to have a firm, intellectual grasp of the benefits of blogging and to be able to create the vision of its execution for clients. It’s quite another to plan out the schedule, agonize over the quality of each post, properly promote it so it gains traction and build the network of interaction vital to its growth. I need to get to been there, done that as soon as possible.

4. Getting Past the Noun. I finally need to get the full value of the $29 I spent on Debbie Weil’s Beginner’s Guide to Blogging in 2005. I remember thinking they (the collective body making these naming decisions) might change the descriptive term for this activity to something sexier like “webjo” (you know – web journal). So, even though I scoured the Guide ten or so times, I was holding out for a name change.  I recently came to the conclusion that the term “blog” is not going away any time soon.

5. The HubSpotters are Chasing Me. I spent a fair amount of time diving deeply into the process and strategy of successful social media execution through HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing University. I’ve attended many of their insightful seminars on a whole range of juicy social media subjects – from search engine optimization through, um , successful blogging practices. I’ve really wanted to test drive their software and experience their oft-touted triple crown of getting found, converting prospects to customers and analyzing results. I just felt I wouldn’t get the full blast of it all without a blog.  Well…I sincerely hope they’re ready for me!

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