The Four Minute Content Audit

Posted by Rich McElaney

I was thirty minutes into a conversation with a prospective client recently and we were discussing the steps involved in developing an inbound marketing strategy for his company. When I was done outlining the high level view of the process we recommend, he asked me why I didn't mention a content audit. I asked him to define what he meant by a content audit and he gave me a reasonable description of the type of audit that would be warranted in the case of a website redesign where the existing site had a sizable page count and a fair amount of content. Due to the depth of his current site and the fact that he had no plans for a major redesign of it, an audit wasn't going to be a productive step in the process. Come to find out, this was a line item in an earlier quote he had received from a marketing agency as part of their strategy development process. (And he said it wasn't cheap.)

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Tags: content strategy, content audit, content assessment