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Pulling the Curtain Back on Relocation

When one of the country's premier relocation management companies needed help in transitioning from a complete reliance on interruption marketing to a total embrace of Inbound Marketing, they asked brassCycle for help.Relocating family

Starting with a total re-branding, brassCycle worked with this company to fully establish its social presence, create a website that highlighted its uniqueness, develop content that established its experience and authority and increase engagement with clients and prospects at a level that positively impacts its business development efforts.




Distributor Sees The Light

brassCycle is helping one of the East Coast’s largest window distributors see the light when it comes to Inbound Marketing.  As the economy tightens, and construction of pella duotonenew homes slows, this large supplier of premium windows and siding turned to brassCycle to investigate new ways to relate to its current and future customers.

Focusing on the remodeling segment, brassCycle is helping this mature business take a new and different look at the entire customer buying cycle to better understand why some customers see the benefits of remodeling, while others look to alternatives.

Suggesting ways to improve each step of the cycle, from new ways to gain attention to creative ideas and new ways to invite satisfied customers to help evangelize the benefits, brassCycle is showing this longtime leader how to stay ahead in a world increasingly in the control of customers and potential customers.

Talk About An Intimate Customer Experience

In an industry not known for great customer service, brassCycle is helping one regional contractor stand out from the regular crowd.

It used to be that the toughest marketing question facing a plumbing contractor was whether to take out a full-size ad in the yellow pages, or to take out a two-page spread.  But in a world of high advertising prices and low returns, this leader in a major metropolitan market turned to brassCycle to find new ways to reach customers.

brassCycle used its expertise to show this already successful business how to dig deeper into the meaning of its customer interactions to improve the depth and quality of the conversations that it was having with existing customers.  By increasing its engagement with customers and building on the good reputation it already enjoyed, brassCycle showed the management team how to use Inbound Marketing to increase success in this highly competitive industry.